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Butterfly Drill

By: Tina Jasinowski

A combination volleyball practice drill.

You will need two players in each of the following positions on BOTH sides of the net: in RIGHT BACK serving or tossing (S), in LEFT BACK passing (P), in the SETTER ZONE setting or target (S1) and if the setter is setting, you'll need a target in left front (T). The servers/tossers in right back (on both sides) serve/toss to the player across the net in LEFT BACK, the "server" then follows her ball and gets in line as a passer. NOTE: if your players cannot serve consistently to zone 5, have them baseball throw the ball instead. The LEFT BACK player passes the ball to the setter (or target) on her side of the net in the SETTER ZONE, the "passer" then follows her ball and gets in line as a setter on her side of the net. If you are using a "live" setter, the setter sets the ball out to the left front target who catches the ball and then goes to the serving line on her side of the court. The setter will follow her set to the target line in left front. If your players are beginners, you will want to eliminate the "setting" and just have passers pass to a TARGET in the setter zone (that target catches the ball and then becomes a server on her side). You can do this for time (we do 10 minutes of this drill for warm-up) or you can have players count each time a pass gets to the target and go until a certain number of target passes are achieved. This drill should just run continuously.

Article Source: http://www.sportspracticedrills.com

Drill presented by: Tina Jasinowski, Alter Girls’ & Boys’ Varsity Volleyball Coach


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