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By: Maximumlax

Teach your new lacrosse players how to catch without the fear of someone hitting them with the ball in passing drills. New players feel strange enough with a funky stick, goggles, mouth piece, and cleats. We need to help them become comfortable with the idea of catching without the fear of a painful miss.

Have players line up between 7-10 feet away from each other. One player will have her lacrosse stick and the other player will have a couple of balls. The player with the balls will underhand toss a ball to the catcher. The person catching the ball will be able to get used to the idea of catching a ball without fear of getting hit. Have the catching player move her hand up to the top of the stick if she is struggling with catching. This will allow more of a hand-eye coordination with the catch. If they have played softball/baseball before this is a good example to share with them.

A couple of balls, some sticks.

Two girls or a girl and a parent.

Catching skills will be improved quickly. So will confidence in the girls that they can catch after all! This drill needs only be used for the first week with most new players.

A variation for the drill is to have the player tossing the ball toss it to the other players off side so they can work on both hands.

We should remember one hard hit to the face of a new player may cause flinch reations for years to come. We know eventually every girl will get hit with the ball, but later is much better than sooner.

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