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Stance & Start Drill

By: David & Matt

An offensive lineman football drill.

Objective - Teach linemen the correct way to "start", or fire out from their stance.

Action - For this offensive line drill, position your linemen along the line of scrimmage. At the coach's signal, have the offensive linemen "fire out" of their stances.

Coaching Details - In their stance, linemen's feet should be shoulder-width apart and pointed straight ahead. Teach offensive line players to step out with the back foot to maintain their base as the first step out replaces their down hand. The head should remain up, the back flat as they take quick steps out. Be sure your players stay low as they roll over the up foot with the knee pointing to the ground.

Article Source: http://www.sportspracticedrills.com

Drill provided by:

David Huizar & Matt Zavadil

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