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  • The Iron Crosse  By : Coach Bob
    A contact lacrosse drill to develop both defensive an offensive skills.
  • Touchdown Drill  By : Wayne Gebelein
    This lacrosse drill is designed for both the offensive player and defensive player.
    It teaches several skill sets for both.
  • Hand Toss  By : Maximumlax
    Teach your new lacrosse players how to catch without the fear of someone hitting them with the ball in passing drills. New players feel strange enough with a funky stick, goggles, mouth piece, and cleats. We need to help them become comfortable with the idea of catching without the fear of a painful miss.
  • Pivot Points  By : Unknown
    A lacrosse pivot point drill.
  • Switching Hands  By : Unknown
    Working on his lacrosse stick skills can separate a good player from a bad player. A good drill for youth players.
  • Wall Drill  By : Unknown
    "Your lacrosse stick should become part of your body!"

    To become proficient in passing and shooting, the player must be able to propel the ball from the stick with the wrist "snap." Many beginning players pass and shoot with an arm motion, or "push" the ball, which causes the ball to leave the stick on a low trajectory resulting in a low pass or shot. An excellent way to develop the wrist snap is to utilize the wall.

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